2828 ADU

GPCO was approached to re-imagine an existing studio and office space into an accessory dwelling unit. The base building, originally completed in 2010 was designed by principal Pierre De Angelis, while at Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects.

The trapezoidal geometry and largely open plan, provided a unique challenge in introducing living amenities that would be both functional and would complement the existing geometry of the plan as if they were intended to exist all along while providing ample wallarea for the owner’s art collection.

A new kitchen splays out at an open angle along a largely below-grade portion of the exterior wall.  A deepened built-in ‘chaise’ is nudged into the corner, allowing for central circulation on the lower level between different functions and also used to accommodate flexible furniture arrangements.  A Jean Prouve Potence Lamp does double duty, rotating to illuminate the built-in chase and adjacent dining area.

Bathing facilities were tucked behind a ‘secret’ spiral staircase leading up to the private quarters.  An integrated headboard of storage/cabinetry increase and decrease in height, expanding to accommodate greater storage while subtly defining spatial thresholds andlowering to provide open shelving and framing the existing picture window.