In Greek mythology, the god Pan fell in love and sought to capture the nymph Syrinx.   Just before Pan could seize her, Syrinx was turned into water reeds. Enraged, Pan smashed the reeds; immediately struck with remorse, he went to kiss them, only to discover his breath created sounds from the remains of his beloved, so Pan made an instrument from the broken reeds (pan pipes) that would carry the name of his lost nymph, Syrinx.

The bird’s song is made possible by a unique organ only birds possess: the Syrinx, so named after the Greek pipes. Three windpipes join at the top of the bird’s throat; air coming through the pipes causes the circular rib-like membranes surrounding them to vibrate and produce the birds’ beautifully complex and enchanting song.

Good Project Company was invited to design a birdhouse exclusively for Ganna Walska LotusLand to celebrate the bird song.  We named our birdhouse the “Songs of the Syrinx”. In collaboration with Orthodox, for fabrication, and Cristian Ceci, for illustration, the birdhouse is an homage to the bird’s song and Madame Walska.

The ‘Songs of the Syrinx’ echoes the structural form of the bird’s Syrinx, and thereeds are bundled, echoing Madame Walska’s preference for massing single species of plants together. Each ‘reed’ on the birdhouse was assigned a color, taking inspiration from Madam Walska’s distinctive gardens, artistic expression, and unmistakable style.